New keywording tool

Try the new FREE iStock keywording tool with cloud backup - offering AI keyword suggesting, auto categories and bulk-edit features. This is a must for all serious stock-contributors - go to

This tool will suggest keywords based on similar images, and it lets you compare keyword popularity. The site aims to serve the needs of photographers and illustrators in their quest to tag/keyword their images. It helps you to easily find proper keywords that people are actually using in their searching process. If you choose keywords while taking into consideration their popularity among customers, you can significantly increase your income from the sales of your images. However, only going for the "top" keywords and you compete against the giants of this industry. The tactic we use at Yuri Arcurs Photography ApS is to use a mix of highly successful keywords together with a relatively large mix of not so used keywords, but very distributive keywords.

How does it work?

  1. First you type in several basic keywords that describe the image you want to keyword.
  2. You will then be presented with a long list of images that look like your image. Choose the images that look the most like your own image, and you will be presented with a list view of all the keywords from all the images. If you choose from images that are not similar to your own, the keywords listed will not be very valuable to you.
  3. The site automatically takes the keywords from the chosen images and removes identical keywords. The list of keywords will also be automatically sorted by frequency of use, which will make it much easier for you to select your final set of keywords.
  4. The first 50 words in the list are marked as most relevant to the image.
  5. After you make all the necessary changes, you can generate a final list of keywords that you can copy and paste to your image.

About using this site:

Please respect that you are not allowed to use this site for providing a service that you sell to another person or company. This service must stay free.